Digital Concepts for Modern Implant Prosthetics


Theoritical Part

The whole field of dental technology is developing very fast over the last ten years. With new technologies there are a lot of new and interesting possibilities that can be used to  optimize existing concepts. With the use of digital technologies like Cad-Cam the production of  crown becomes more easy and more predictable when it comes to precision. In the lecture different concepts from the single crown with an individual emergence Profile to full mouth  rehabilitations for patient with a high loose of the bone are shown step by step and the use of Virtual Implant  Planning, guided surgery, immediate loading, pro´s and contras for intraoral scanning and Cad Cam production in and Outhouse will be discussed.



Concepts for the team - everyone in the team has to know what´s possible and what the others can do and has to do.

Demonstrations - Step by Step - communication for the daily work

The group will learn in this session more detailed the view to the technologies like Implant Planning, screw retaining vs. cemented restaurations, Transfer of the Emergence Profile and Techniques for precise impression taking for big cases.

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