9th International Athens Dental Symposium


Dear colleagues,,

It is our great pleasure and responsibility to invite you to attend the works of the 9th International Dental Conference ‘Endo-Aesthetic-Implants: «From conservative approach to comprehensive restoration». The organization of this conference is a challenge to meet the expectations of all colleagues following the prior successful conferences of the last years.

As clinicians, either General or Specialist Dentists, we all seek and aspire to provide the highest level of services to our patients. This is the philosophy of this Conference, i.e. familiarization with techniques, technology, materials and treatment options, which constitute the most up-to-date clinical approach and will keep you in the center of contemporary clinical practice. 

The subjects covered by the conference are broad but topical in the fields of Implantology, Aesthetic Dentistry, Prosthetic Dentistry, Endodontics and Occlusion.

Distinguished guest speakers, both Greeks and foreigners, academicians and not, are willing to share their knowledge and clinical experience by thorough lectures and hands-on seminars.

The topics include the use of autologous growth factors with the latest techniques, as well as predictability of vertical ridge augmentation of atrophic mandible with or without minimally invasive techniques. Furthermore, the use of piezosurgery for sinus lift will be thoroughly discussed. Finally, the key principles of prevention and management of complications will be discussed in relation to regeneration techniques.

As far as endodontics is concerned, the microsurgical dimension of endodontic treatment will be presented.

Restoration of anterior teeth following the bio-emulation approach, restoration of posterior teeth by overlays and adhesive techniques, immediate conversion of hopeless dentition into fixed implant-supported restorations, the impact of abutment color on the color of all-ceramic restorations, treatment of sleep apnoea patients and several other topics.

At the end of each day, there is going to be an interactive discussion among speakers and participants, moderated by the chairpersons of the Symposium.

We hope this Symposium will be a significant training experience for all of us.

With friendly regards,

Georgios Goumenos
Stratis Papazoglou

The excellence in Dental Education