Complications and Failures of Implants in the Esthetic Zone



  1. Diagnostic methodology and execution of treatment plan for appropriate implant placementin the esthetic zone
  2. Esthetic problems in implant dentistry and their etiology
  3. Differentiation between failure and complication
  4. Management of esthetic problems in implant dentistry by surgical and prosthetic means
  5. Osseointegrated implants with esthetic complications: treatment, submerging or extraction?
  6. Extraction of an osseointegrated implant and tissue management following its removal
  7. Video projection

Hands on:

  1. Practice on pig jaws
  2. Atraumatic extraction of an osteointegrated implant and ridge management in combination with bone grafting and epithelialized connective tissue graft
  3. Connective tissue graft placement with the tunneling technique, for coverage of recession around implants


At the end of the course, participants will know the diagnostic methodology to prevent the emergence of problems following implant placement in the esthetic zone. In addition, they will be able to choose between the possibility of their restoration or their removal. The implant extraction will be thoroughly presented, as well as the techniques for the management of the defect area. Finally, the problem of recession around implants will be discussed and the possibility to restore it will be analyzed.

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